Projekt 534 – Information


The goal of „Project 534“ is to create the largest painting in the world. It has a width of EXACTLY „1 meter + 90 centimeters“. The length is already several meters. At completion (after 534 days) it should have a length of „at least“ 1,416 meters.

The theme of the giant picture is town_twinning. In any case, all 534 Austrian town_twinning will occur. There may be other city_partnerships.
This is represented (on the painting) by the country_flags and city_flags. Representations of buildings and/or persons from the twinned_towns, or anything else. Whatever, it’s mainly related to one of the cities.

This project is financed by the sale of advertising space. The advertising space will be located on the large painting. You can just have a name written on it, or a small picture (about A4 size). What it is, does not matter, you can chose the topic of your painting. IMPORTANT: „The picture may not be wider than 1.9 meters!“

You can draw on the paint_surface, you can stick a picture (thin paper) on the paint_surface or digitally create and print a picture. We can then glue that expression on the big picture.
Creating a digital_image and printing it out and glue that expression on the big picture could be suitable for people who can not leave their home (or hospital) for health reasons. It is also a solution for people who can not send a picture because of the costs.

Whatever the reason, there is a solution for everything.

If you are interested, please contact:
Peter Steinkellner

Gudrunstraße 25, 1100 Wien
++ 43 (699) 19440004